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The Philippines faces constant and consistent natural disasters from earthquakes to tsunamis to typhoons. This page will show you why these natural disasters occur
and how the Philippine government contributes to worsening the immense damage the Philippines has to endure.

The Philippines ranks as the third most disaster-prone country in the world because of its proximity to the sea, exposing them to the natural hazards of cyclones, flooding and sea level rise.

In 2012 alone, 10.6 million Filipinos were displaced by natural disasters.

The Philippine islands are located on the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes while facing an average 25 tropical storms per year.

Although the Philippines has endured many disasters, the devastation is both natural and man-made.

Fossil fuels released from large-scale, multi-national, corporate extractive industries create extreme weather patterns and climate crisis.

The Philippine government allows the extraction of natural resources and large agribusiness by foreign corporations including large-scale mining, logging, and quarrying, stripping the land of its natural elements.

The people of the Philippines are in need of our help. If their government won’t provide the aid the Philippine people need, we can.



Provide basic needs to the victims of these natural disasters.

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Expose the crimes against the people by the Philippine government.

Sign the petition to abolish the Pork Barrel system & Presidential Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) and demand to re-channel these funds to other social services that will provide for ordinary Filipinos in and out of the country.



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